About UFP Technologies

UFP Technologies is a producer of innovative custom-engineered components, specialty packaging, and end products. Founded in 1963 and headquartered in Newburyport, Massachusetts, our company has pioneered a long list of processes and applications, has a large portfolio of active patents, and holds proprietary positions on many advanced materials from leading global suppliers.

With a deep and accomplished engineering team, UFP Technologies is a critical link in the value chain between raw material suppliers and OEMs. Our team acts as an extension of our customers' in-house research, engineering and manufacturing groups, working closely with them to solve their most complex product and packaging challenges. Using foams, plastics, films, composites, and natural fiber materials, we design and manufacture solutions for a wide range of markets.



An orthopedic implant to replace a failing hip or knee. A temperature-control pad to keep patients stable during surgery. Systems to minimize infection and promote healing. These are the types of applications in which we play a critical role. In the medical industry, each year brings new advances — and fresh challenges for companies like ours that bring those devices and procedures to life. 

Medical Solutions by UFP Technologies


Delivering quieter interiors for a more comfortable ride. Engineering components that provide a safer vehicle. Reducing component weight to increase gas mileage. The solutions that UFP Technologies brings to the automotive industry provide critical benefits to drivers and passengers — and make life better for our customers too.

Automotive Solutions by UFP Technologies


Lightweight materials to improve fuel economy. Explosive suppressant components to prevent fuel sloshing. Tool control to aid the manufacturing process. These are the types of solutions in which UFP Technologies plays a critical role within the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Solutions by UFP Technologies


Uniform components to improve soldier safety and comfort. Cases and inserts to protect vital combat equipment. Tool control to prevent foreign object damage. For the defense industry, all of our solutions reflect the superior quality that our fighting forces depend on.

Defense Solutions by UFP Technologies


Tight tolerance components to enrich the sound of high-end speakers. Specialty packaging to prevent static and vibration.  Material handling solutions to protect fragile products in the factory.  Our decades of experience developing solutions for the electronics industry is unsurpassed.

Electronics Solutions by UFP Technologies


Making roads and bridges safer in all weather conditions with expansion joints. Improving the performance of small combustion engines with custom filtration components, seals, and gaskets. Thermal and acoustical insulation for buildings and piping. UFP Technologies works closely with customers in the industrial market to solve their complex, packaging, product, and component challenges.

Industrial Solutions by UFP Technologies


100% recycled packaging for fragile items like wine and glass candles. Creative beauty products for spa professionals. Innovative athletic components focused on enhanced safety. UFP Technologies’ solutions for the consumer market touch the lives of countless individuals every day.

With the steady addition of new capabilities, quality systems and certifications, our customer base continues to expand, and our solutions continue to grow lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective.


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UFP Technologies History Timeline