Commodity Packaging

Protective Packaging - Foam, Molded Fiber, Thermoformed Plastics

Sensitive electronics that require ESD control. Unique packaging for retail goods to differentiate it amongst competitors. Inter- and intra-plant material handling. UFP Technologies provides commodity packaging solutions for all of these applications and more. Whatever your application, our engineering team will work with you to provide the safest, most effective solution. With our deep design knowledge and material expertise, combined with our tightly controlled quality systems, we produce a wide range of solutions which include:

Cushion Packaging & Protective Packaging

UFP Technologies has been designing and fabricating foam packaging solutions since our inception in 1963. With five decades of experience, we are experts in creating custom cushion and protective packaging solutions for nearly any application using foams, plastics, molded fiber and specialty materials.

Display Packaging

Utilizing our 100% recycled molded fiber material we have created numerous point-of-purchase packaging solutions for consumer goods.

Returnable & Resusable Packaging

As an innovative designer and manufacturer of custom packaging systems, UFP Technologies has the expertise to develop returnable and reusable packaging systems used for material handling.