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Cushion Packaging / Foam Packaging

Custom Cushion Packaging & Protective Foam Packaging

UFP Technologies has been designing and fabricating foam packaging solutions since our inception in 1963. With over five decades of experience, we are experts in creating custom cushion and protective packaging solutions for nearly any application using foams, plastics, and specialty materials. We will work with you from start to finish to offer unique design, manufacturing and shipping solutions.

UFP Technologies' team of Certified Packaging Engineers works as an extension of your R&D and engineering teams to solve your problems. We will work with you to create custom foam packaging or cushion packaging solutions to adhere to your qualifications such as shock absorption, ESD control, blocking, bracing and indexing while meeting requirements such as source reduction, reuse and recycling.

We have developed long-term partnerships with many of the world's leading foam and specialty material manufacturers. We will use our knowledge of, and access to, a broad array of polyethylene foams, polyurethane foams and specialty materials (e.g. for electrostatic dissipation, conductivity and specialty cushioning) to provide you with the best material for your packaging. 

As one of the largest foam fabricators in North America, we have a diverse platform of fabrication capabilities throughout our multiple facilities including die-cutting, routing and compression molding. We will fabricate your cushion packaging solution whether it is a tray, insert, clamshell, end cap or other custom solution.

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