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Open Cell and Closed Cell Foam Seals and Gaskets

UFP Technologies creates custom gaskets and seals for a variety of industries using open- and closed-cell materials. We work as an extension of your research, engineering and manufacturing teams to deliver custom gasket and seal solutions to meet your requirements.

Gaskets and seals are typically used to manage vibration, temperature and liquids. We have created custom foam seals and gaskets for the following:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Medical devices
  • Chemical processing
  • Building and construction applications

Open-cell foams can be used as a low-pressure gasket by compressing its thickness to seal out air, dust or light. Closed-cell materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene, PVC or rubber are used most often when the application requires the sealing of a liquid under high-pressure.

We can adhere custom gaskets and seals with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing to simplify end use. In most cases we utilize our die-cutting capabilities to produce the final gasket and seal components.

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