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The Product Protecting the Product

At UFP Technologies, we specialize in designing and fabricating custom packaging solutions for a variety of industries. We have access to specialty materials and multiple manufacturing facilities across the country with numerous capabilities including compression molding, routing, and die-cutting. 

With decades of experience, access to an array of advanced materials, packaging design expertise and fabrication capabilities, we have the ability to provide your company with a packaging solution that best fits your needs.

Working as an extension of your company's R&D and engineering teams, we collaborate closely to develop and design unique packaging solutions. We specialize in the following segments:


Medical Packaging

UFP Technologies designs and manufactures custom medical packaging solutions for medical devices, medical instruments, and orthopedic implants for use within clean rooms. Utilizing medical-grade foams, plastics, films, and other specialty materials, we will work with you to create a unique specialty packaging solution for your medical product.

Cushion & Protective Packaging

UFP Technologies has been designing and fabricating foam packaging solutions since our inception in 1963. With over five decades of experience, we are experts in creating custom cushion and protective packaging solutions for nearly any application using foams, plastics, and specialty materials.

Foam packaging and cushion packaging by UFP Technologies

Returnable & Reusable Packaging

As an innovative designer and manufacturer of custom packaging systems, UFP Technologies has the expertise to develop returnable and reusable packaging systems used for material handling.

Commodity Packaging - Returnable & Reusable Packaging Systems