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Single-Use Bioprocess Bag Protection

For over 10 years, BioShell has become the biopharmaceutical industry’s most trusted solution to provide maximum protection for frozen single-use bioprocess bags.

BioShell advances bag protection through a unique suspension design. Bags are enveloped tightly in a durable film that suspends products within a polycarbonate shell. The suspension film absorbs shocks during impact allowing bags to move within a cushion of air. This prevents damage by eliminating contact with the shell.

BioShell allows for exceptional versatility. Varying sized bags – at any fill level – can be loaded into the same shell without compromising security.


The CryoShell insulated shipper is designed to keep BioShells, other bioprocess bag container systems, or any temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals frozen during transportation.

The insulated shipper consists of an outer box containing high-performance insulation foam panels combined with specialty film. The foam and film combination improves insulating properties as well as providing a longer lasting, cleanable surface.

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