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UFP Technologies has direct access to BASF’s Basotect (melamine) foam.  This is the same material used in popular cleaning eraser products found in retail stores.  We’ve done the heavy lifting by creating a private label brand and product line, Erasables®, which is available for use to our customers.  We also support major retailers, other private label brands, and janitorial supply companies with manufacturing and product design of melamine sponges in retail and bulk quantities. 

Material Features:

  • Abrasive foam that only requires water when cleaning
  • Manufactured in Germany by BASF
  • Fabricated in the United States

Where Melamine Eraser Sponges are used:

  • Home: bathroom faucets, showers, sinks, kitchen appliances, ceramic tile, living room walls, baseboards, doors
  • Automotive: leather, dashboards, hubcaps, windshields (non-tinted)
  • Marine: exterior and interior
  • Janitorial and sanitation
  • Aviation

Private Label Options:

  • Erasables:
    • We’ve created a brand, Erasables, to get your product to market faster.
    • Product line: we have numerous product variations available, ranging from standard foam sponges to erasers with extra scrubbing pads to lengthen the life of your product.
    • Artwork & packaging: aesthetically pleasing, consumer-ready artwork and packaging are available to be expedited so your products reach the shelf sooner..
  • Your own private label:
    • Whether you have a pre-established private label brand, or plan to develop your own, we’re here to service your needs. We can work with you on product design and handle the manufacturing of your melamine sponges.
  • Bulk Quantities:
    • We can support orders of bulk quantities that do not require any branding.
    • This is ideal for janitorial, sanitation, home cleaning, and hotel supply companies.

For customers looking to buy standard size sponges, you can purchase these from Courtesy Products here.

For OEM inquiries or for custom development, please contact us.

Basotect® is a registered trademark of BASF SE
Erasables® is a registered trademark of UFP Technologies, Inc.
Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser® is a registered trademark of the Proctor & Gamble Company