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As an innovative designer and manufacturer of custom packaging systems, UFP Technologies has the expertise to develop returnable and reusable packaging systems used for material handling. Material handling packaging systems are most commonly used for inter- and intra-plant transfer and shipments where shock and vibration protection along with characteristics such as ESD control or Class A surface protection are important.

UFP Technologies' team of Certified Packaging Engineers will work with you to develop the best packaging design with the proper combination of materials for your returnable and reusable packaging systems. UFP Technologies acts as an extension to your R&D, engineering and manufacturing team with our access to advanced materials, diverse fabrication capabilities and long history of designing material handling solutions.

UFP Technologies has designed and manufactured a variety of material handling solutions such as: reusable plastic corrugated totes and trays, totes with custom plastic corrugated and foam interiors, thermoformed plastic material handling trays, plastic corrugated material handling trays, custom foam dunnage and part separators and applications.

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