Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging: The Product Protecting the Product

An orthopedic implant to replace a failing hip or knee. Personal computers delivered from a factory to a home. Vital military equipment used in combat situations. UFP Technologies provides specialty packaging solutions for all of these applications and more. Whatever your application, our engineering team will work with you to provide the safest, most effective solution.

Clean Room Packaging

UFP Technologies designs and manufactures custom medical packaging solutions for medical devices, medical instruments, and orthopedic implants for use within clean rooms.  Utilizing medical-grade foams, plastics, films, and other specialty materials, we will work with you to create a unique specialty packaging solution for your medical product.

Molded Fiber Packaging

Molded fiber packaging is an environmental friendly specialty packaging solution as it made from 100% recycled newspaper and water, and is 100% recycable.  UFP Technologies is the largest designer and manufacture of molded fiber packaging in North America for electronics, consumer goods, industrial components, and more. 

Protective Cases & Inserts

UFP Technologies will work with you to create a protective case solution with a custom foam insert to meet your exact packaging and protection needs.  We will assist you in selecting the proper case, recommend the correct packaging foam material, manufacture the foam insert, and delivery an assembled specialty packaging case solution to you.  We can also provide a turn-key solution by placing your product within its case before it is shipped out of our facilities.

Tool Control

UFP Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of foam tool control inserts for tool management.  Used for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention and 5S programs, foam tool control systems are used by aerospace manufacturers and OEMs to promote tool accountability and asset management.