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Tool Control Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Tool Control for FOD Prevention

UFP Technologies is a leading supplier and innovator of tool control and tool box organizers used for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention programs. Originally developed for the aerospace & defense industries, our custom foam tool control solutions have grown to be used by OEMs as they promote tool accountability, asset management and enhances productivity.

Our tool control solutions are fabricated from foam or a combination of foam and rigid plastic. We use a two color shadow box design that easily highlights any tool missing from its holder. The benefits of being able to quickly determine any tool lost or left behind in a large aircraft engine build for example are enormous.

We have amassed a library of designs based on common tools. In most instances we need to only know your tools' part numbers to start designing the most effective layout for your custom tool control and storage solution. We have the ability to add part numbers in pocket via laser etching to identity the exact place for each tool.

In most cases we utilize our water-jet cutting or CNC routing fabrication capabilities when manufacturing tool control foam organizers. We also offer "do-it-yourself" tool control kits in which you can create and cut the layouts yourself.

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