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Compression Molding Foam, Fabrics & Specialty Materials

Compression molding is a manufacturing process in which three-dimensional shapes are created using heat and pressure. Material is molded and placed in a temperature controlled cavity then shaped under pressure via a hydraulic press. UFP Technologies has extensive experience in compression molding foams, fabrics and other specialty materials. We have multiple compression molding capabilities throughout our facilities including large platen presses, vacuum forming and clean room compression molding.

Compression molding is utilized as a fabrication method when contoured shapes are needed, such as padding for a hockey helmet or components used for support in a backpack. We extensively use compression molding on projects that require composite materials, such as a wrist support device that combines foam-to-fabric, providing support and comfort to the patient.

Typical materials that we use in compression molding are cross-linked foams, PVC foams, open cell urethanes, fabrics and thermoplastic urethane films.

Foam Fabrication - Compression Molding