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Aerospace Applications

Diverse aerospace solutions with one thing in common: superior engineering

Safety Components

When flying at 30,000 feet there can be no question as to whether or not an aircraft is protected. We design and develop components that prevent and eliminate damage in flight to ensure the destination is reached safely.

Seals & Gaskets

Interior sealing within an aircraft is essential to protecting equipment and ensuring a safe flight. We design and manufacture seals and gaskets to manage liquids, temperature and vibration inside aircraft. 


The FAA mandates that all passenger aircraft have electrical, acoustical, and thermal insulation.  UFP Technologies is a leader in aerospace insulation, with the capabilities to design and manufacture custom insulation solutions that can be used throughout an aircraft. 

Comfort & Interiors

A comfortable flight provides a better experience for travelers. At UFP Technologies, we design and manufacture products out of soft foams and fabrics to improve passenger comfort and aircraft aesthetics.

Production & Maintenance Support

Lost tools are lost production. A lack of tool accountability can be costly and cause delays. UFP Technologies is the leading supplier and innovator of tool box organizers used to prevent foreign object damage and assist in storage and handling.