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Our mix of design expertise, access to unique materials, and fabrication capabilities allow us to create custom insulation components used throughout an aircraft.


  • Acoustic - utilizing lightweight foams, composites, and adhesives we produce components used to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) and buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) to provide a more comfortable flight.
  • Thermal - controlling high and low temperatures within tight spaces is critical to providing a safe flight.  We have access to an array of specialty materials ideal for thermal insulation components. 
  • Electrical - insulation for electrical components require materials that prevent electrostatic discharge.  We have experience working with these materials to create custom insulation components. 

Insulation Materials

We utilize a variety of melamine, foams, and adhesives to create custom insulation components. Many of these materials are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, making them ideal to use around sensitive aircraft equipment.