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Aerospace Production and Maintenance Support

UFP Technologies is a leading supplier and innovator of tool control and tool box organizers used for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention programs. We developed these solutions for the aerospace industry to promote tool accountability, asset management, and enhance manufacturing productivity.

Tool Control & Equipment Protection

  • Tool control & FOD prevention programs - fabricated from foam, or a combination of foam and rigid plastic, we use a two color shadow box design that easily highlights any tool missing from its holder. The benefits of being able to quickly determine any tool lost or left behind during an aircraft build or when performing maintenance are enormous. They also make storage easy when space is tight. 
  • Foam inserts & protective cases - we can deliver a complete package including your tool control inserts or any other custom foam inserts and install them into rugged carrying cases to provide you with the ultimate mobility and protection for your equipment.
  • Protective packaging - UFP Technologies was founded upon providing custom protective packaging solutions.  For non-tool control and protective case solutions, we can create an array of packaging applications to meet your needs.   

Creating Your Custom Packaging Solution

  • Design: our engineering team will design a custom packaging solution to protect your tools and equipment.
  • Material selection: in addition to superior protection, we'll recommend the proper packaging foams to utilize based on your requirements (delicate surface protection, moisture control, chemical resistance).
  • Protective cases: if you require a protective case, we have close relationships with numerous manufacturers and will source the appropriate solution for your needs. 
  • Fabrication: we'll fabricate your inserts, install them within protective cases (if applicable), and deliver the final product ready for use.