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Gaskets and seals are used to manage vibration, temperature, and liquids within an aircraft. UFP Technologies has extensive experience in developing custom gaskets and seals using a range of materials.


UFP Technologies has designed and manufactured a variety of sealing and gasketing solutions including:

  • Vibration reduction 
  • Oil and moisture seals

Certified Sealing & Gasketing Materials

Open-cell foams can be used as a low-pressure gasket by compressing its thickness to seal out air, dust, and light.

Closed-cell materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene, PVC or rubber are used most often when the application requires the sealing of a liquid under high-pressure.

To meet the needs of aerospace manufacturers, we have access to certified materials used in sealing and gasket applications:

  • BMS 1-51
  • BMS-11
  • BMS 1-68
  • BMS 8-283