Lightweight structural and acoustical components: Driving innovation for our automotive customers

Delivering quieter interiors for a more comfortable ride. Engineering components that provide a safer vehicle. Reducing component weight to increase gas mileage. These are the types of solutions UFP Technologies brings to the automotive industry. They deliver critical benefits to drivers and passengers - and make life better for our customers too.

UFP Technologies acts as an extension of your in-house development, engineering and manufacturing groups. For automotive manufacturers we provide a number of custom solutions including structural components, acoustical and thermal components, foam components and packaging solutions.

We bring expertise in foams, natural fibers, fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, and adhesives. We specialize in creating innovative combinations of materials based on your specific needs.

For our automotive customers, innovation takes many shapes. But each solution is shaped by a level of design, materials and process expertise that is unique to UFP Technologies.