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At UFP Technologies we strive to gain a complete understanding of the vehicle environment and develop the most cost-effective solution for the problem. Our access to hundreds of materials and extensive knowledge of their unique properties allows us to design and match materials for the appropriate application.

Additionally, we will be your manufacturing partner to supply the highest quality parts on time, every time, and within budget.


UFP Technologies has long been an innovator in the design and manufacture of interior and exterior components to provide a quieter and safer ride.

Interior Acoustics 
Our Monadnock HPAM™ nonwoven material when used with our hush panels for interior noise reduction is superior in terms of acoustic performance and weight. We can also offer buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) solutions utilizing a wide range of foams and composite materials.

Exterior Insulation Components
We have a vast array of proven solutions that offer the most effective and up to date technology available. Our expertise at driveshaft damping in SUVs and trucks is unsurpassed and our nonwoven wheel well solutions regularly outperform the competition.

Thermal Insulation Components
UFP Technologies has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of automotive thermal insulation components such as engine covers, manifold covers, battery insulators, heat shields and many more. Using a range of materials, such as BASF Basotect® melamine, we can create solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Hush Panel With HPAM Nonwoven Acoustic Absorbers Automotive Thermal Insulation Components


UFP Technologies has access to a broad range of materials with properties that are ideal for automotive components. These materials are lightweight, high-strength, noise absorbing and offer thermal insulation. Listed below are commonly used thermal and sound absorbing materials for automotive applications:

Sound absorbing material
We utilizes only the highest performing materials for its acoustic components. Due to their excellent sound absorption, vibration damping, and low weight properties, coupled with our fabrication expertise, we can create a solution to meet virtually any requirement.

Thermal Materials
As one of the largest foam fabricators in North America, UFP Technologies has the design and fabrication experience required to mitigate temperature extremes inside and outside the vehicle. Additionally, we have access to the broadest range of materials that exhibit outstanding thermal insulating properties.

Foam Rolls Used for Acoustical and Thermal Automotive Components by UFP Technologies HPAM Nonwoven Material BASF Basotect


Acting as an extension of your in-house R&D and engineering teams, UFP Technologies collaborates closely to help solve your acoustic and thermal insulation needs.

We have multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the country and our capabilities include: