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Foam Components

With decades of experience designing and developing foam components for the automotive industry, UFP Technologies is equipped with the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to meet your most challenging needs. As one of the leading foam fabricators in North America, we have access to a variety of advanced foams from top suppliers across the globe. Our knowledge of these materials combined with our design expertise allows us to determine the best materials for your custom solutions.


UFP Technologies' extensive expertise in designing and fabricating custom foam components for the automotive industry allows us to service multiple applications throughout the vehicle:

Molded Components - Utilizing our compression molding and thermoforming capabilities we have the ability to create molded solution, such as:

  • Porous ducts for under-hood components
  • Soft ducts in the I/P and center stack
  • Bin mats
  • Air caps used in headliners

Non-Molded Components - Our non-molded fabrication and manufacturing  methods are commonly used for creating solutions, such as:

  • HVAC seals
  • Arm rest pads
  • Gas tank pads
  • Cable sleeves & wire wraps
  • Fit & finish stand off
  • Buzz, squeak and rattle pads


As one of the largest foam fabricators in North America, UFP Technologies has access to a variety of foams. Many of these foams are utilized in the automotive industry due to their sound absorbing, vibration dampening, lightweight and insulating properties. Commonly used foams for automotive components include:


Acting as an extension of your in-house R&D and engineering teams, UFP Technologies collaborates closely to help solve your foam component needs.

We have multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the country and our capabilities include: