Hush Panel With HPAM Nonwoven Acoustic Absorbers

Here at UFP Technologies, we use our vast array of materials and capabilities to deliver quieter interiors for a more comfortable ride, components to provide a safer
vehicle, and patented low weight composites to increase fuel economy.

Our Monadnock HPAM™ nonwoven material is a light weight, high performance sound absorber made from 100% polypropylene (PP) fine fiber with a newly developed, high performance acoustical scrim on both surfaces. The acoustical scrim has been upgraded to achieve better sound absorption at the same weight
than competitive materials.

HPAM meets the industry demands for weight reduction, fuel economy, low noise levels, and consumer satisfaction in an acoustical product. The material is also environmentally friendly due to its recyclability. When used with our hush panels for interior noise reduction, HPAM is superior in terms of acoustic performance
and weight.

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