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Trim & Structural Components: Lightweight, Noise Reducing Solutions

At UFP Technologies, we specialize in designing and developing custom cost-effective trim and structural components for the automotive industry. Using various foams and specialty materials, our solutions are designed to be lightweight while reducing noise and vibration in the cabin.

UFP Technologies' team of expert engineers along with our breadth of specialty materials and  manufacturing capabilities enables us to be a valued partner in providing custom innovative trim and structural components for automotive manufacturers.


UFP Technologies has designed and manufactured a variety of trim and structural components for the automotive industry including the following:


Load Floors
Situated in the rear of the vehicle, load floors are weight carrying components that require strength as well as high quality aesthetics. Utilizing a patent pending composite, FirmaLite® load floors from UFP Technologies are the industry's leading combination of weight, strength, and price.

Door Systems
UFP Technologies produces Class A surface door components including: bolsters, arm rests, center inserts, upper door panels and full door substrates from a variety of specialty materials. We have the ability to incorporate integrated fabric and leather coverings, substrates of plastics, natural fiber composite blends and many more. Our door systems are lightweight, high-strength, and noise reducing.

UFP Technologies manufactures unique glass fiber composite sunshades that reduce weight, complexity and cost. Our sunshade solutions feature an integrated Class A surface, adjustable slide force, rolled front edge and certified slide force protection. We provide sunshades with options such as one-piece design, shoe-less slides, snap-in handles and surface variations to meet customer design requirements. 

Package Trays, Back Panels & Seat Backs
Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to use a variety of materials to make package trays, back panels and sear backs that complete the vehicle interior. These components help to reduce interior road noise that flows through the back of the cab wall. We have the ability to incorporate attachments and clips to meet your design needs.


UFP Technologies has access to an array of foams, natural fibers, fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, adhesives, and specialty materials. These materials are lightweight, high-strength and offer noise suppression. Commonly used materials for trim and structural components include:

Foams – As one of the largest foam fabricators in North American, we have access to a variety of closed and open cell foams. Many of these foams are utilized in the automotive industry because of their sound absorbing, vibration dampening and lightweight properties.

Natural Fibers – To manufacture custom structural components such as door systems, UFP Technologies utilizes a variety of natural fibers (NFPP) and thermoplastic composite materials.


Acting as an extension of your R&D and engineering teams, UFP Technologies designs and develops custom automotive interior components utilizing the following capabilities and fabrication methods: