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When creating retail-friendly packaging, the aesthetic appeal and design are vital to the success of your product. Catching the eye of a consumer and differentiating your product apart from your competitors will help lead you to success.

Working with a packaging partner like UFP Technologies will help set you apart from the competition. We work as an extension of your R&D and manufacturing teams on the design, packaging material selection and fabrication.

We have created many successful display packaging solutions with our molded fiber material (also known as molded pulp). Molded fiber is made from 100% recycled newsprint and is 100% recyclable. Today it is more critical than ever to project your company's positive environmental image as consumers search out green products and look to purchase items from companies that are concerned with environmental sustainability. We have made advances in the design and manufacturing of molded fiber with utilizing "after-pressing" technology to create retail-friendly packages with a finer surface finish and higher aesthetic value. We can combine these capabilities with color options and embossing allowing offering capabilities to you that are unique to the industry.

Using our "after-pressing" capabilities, colors and embossing we have created successful display packaging solutions for environmentally friendly health and beauty products, cell phones, wine bottles and candles.

UFP Technologies offers standard retail packaging solutions such as Wine Packs®. Wine Packs® are wine shippers that are made from our 100% recycled molded fiber material. Wine Packs are ISTA 3A certified for use in the "small package environment."