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UFP Technologies works with manufacturers of home sound systems and microphones to provide custom sound management components and products. We act as an extension of our customers' R&D and engineering teams to understand your problem and requirements. We'll help you determine the perfect material for your sound management application while taking into consideration any of your needed specifications such as weight, temperature and moisture control.

Materials such as flexible polyurethane foams are designed to perform a number of specific and seemingly opposite acoustical functions: reducing sound levels or passing sound undistorted and undiminished. Non-reticulated foams are ideal for sound absorption and attenuation. Reticulated foam can absorb sound effectively or can be completely acoustically transparent.

Our unique fabrication capabilities are important when manufacturing sound absorption components. In many cases space and functionality is an issue. We have the ability to felt and compress foams to provide sound absorption in a thinner space. We can also combine foams with other specialty materials such as foils and vinyl to provide additional function and aesthetic appeal to the end user.