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UFP Technologies' advanced knowledge of and access to specialty materials, design expertise and our manufacturing capabilities makes us an excellent resource to solve your complex component challenges.

As one of the largest foam fabricators in North America, UFP Technologies has access to a variety of specialty materials used to create components ranging from sound control in microphones and home speakers, to managing ink in printer cartridges.

Sound Management

UFP Technologies will work as your partner in developing custom sound management components. We'll help you determine the perfect material while taking into consideration any of your needed specifications such as weight, temperature and moisture control.

We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing sound control components including microphone windscreens for military components, acoustical enclosures for home speaker systems and buzz, squeak and rattle pads for automotive manufacturing.

Materials such as flexible polyurethane foams are designed to perform a number of specific and seemingly opposite acoustical functions: reducing sound levels or passing sound undistorted an undiminished. Non-reticulated foams are ideal for sound absorption and attenuation. Reticulated foam can absorb sound effectively or can be completely acoustically transparent.

Fluid Management

Flexible reticulated polyurethane foams are most commonly used when creating fluid management components to hold or reservoir liquids. The cell structure helps reticulated foams transport fluids from a reservoir to an application surface. We have created custom fluid management solutions for media transport devices in ink jet cartridges.