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UFP Technologies acts as an extension of our customers' in-house research, engineering and manufacturing teams to develop custom packaging solutions for sensitive electronics.

Cushion & Protective Packaging

UFP Technologies has been designing and fabricating cushion packaging solutions since our inception in 1963. With nearly five decades of experience, we are experts in creating custom cushion and protective packaging solutions for nearly any application using foams, plastics and specialty materials. We will work with you to create a cushion and protective packaging solution to adhere to your qualifications such as shock absorption, ESD control, blocking, bracing and indexing while meeting requirements such as source reduction, reuse and recycling.

Thermoformed Packaging

UFP Technologies has multiple manufacturing capabilities to thermoform custom packaging from plastics and foams. We service solutions ranging from small-run material handling to large-volume electronic packaging manufactured in a clean room environment.

Our access to a wide variety of materials allows us to produce both thin- and thick-gauge thermoformed packaging into trays, clamshells, blisters and other solutions.

Protective Cases & Inserts

UFP Technologies specializes in designing and fabricating protective case and foam insert solutions. Our precision fabricating capabilities, protective packaging design expertise and access to wide range of protective cases, plastic corrugated totes and packaging foams provide you with a complete protective case and insert provider.

Our team of Certified Packaging Engineers have years of designing custom inserts for protective cases. We have created case and insert solutions for a variety of industries and applications including military equipment, tools used for large engine builds, sensitive electronic equipment and endoscopes used in medical procedures.