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UFP Technologies is a leading provider of custom filters. We act as an extension of your R&D and manufacturing teams to design your filter, select the proper materials and manufacture your component.

We have designed and fabricated countless custom filter components for removing dust and contaminating particles from the air, gases and liquids; collecting vaporized oils from industrial equipment; acting as an evaporative surface, and cleaning up oil spills. Typical applications include small engines, air conditioners, humidifiers, refrigerators, electronic air cleaners and other appliances with forced air.

Thermal Insulation
Our deep technical knowledge of reticulated polyurethane foams and polyethylene foams is utilized when creating custom thermal insulation components. UFP Technologies will work with you to design and fabricate your custom component.

We have created solutions to manage temperature and liquids in a wide variety of applications for building and construction, chemical processing and other industrial applications.

UFP Technologies has the design expertise and material knowledge to produce custom products for industrial cleaning. We specialize in creating "dirt erasers" and sponges using specialty foam materials.

Gaskets & Seals
UFP Technologies has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing custom gasket and seals. We'll collaborate with you to develop custom gasket and seal components to meet your requirements such as vibration, temperature and liquids using open-cell and closed-cell foams..

Open cell foams can be used as a low-pressure gasket by compressing its thickness to seal out air, dust or light. Closed cell materials, such as cross-linked polyethylene, PVC or rubber are used most often when the application requires the sealing of a liquid under high-pressure.