Packaging, components, and branded products: Delivering innovation across the medical industry

An orthopedic implant to replace a failing hip or knee. A temperature-control pad to keep patients stable during surgery. Systems to minimize infection and promote healing. These are the types of applications in which UFP Technologies plays a critical role. In the medical industry, each year brings new advances - and fresh challenges for companies like ours that bring those devices and procedures to life. Here's how we're meeting these challenges for many of the world's leading medical firms.

Whatever your application, our engineering team will work with you to provide the smartest, safest, most effective solution. With our extensive design knowledge and experience, combined with our tightly controlled quality systems, access to the world's most advanced materials and expansive manufacturing capabilities, we produce a vast range of medical product, component and packaging solutions.

For our medical customers, innovation takes many shapes. But each solution is shaped by a level of design, materials and process expertise that is unique to UFP Technologies.