Medical Applications

Diverse solutions with one thing in common: superior engineering

UFP Technologies services numerous applications within the medical industry including custom medical device packaging and  medical device components, orthopedic implant packaging and soft goods, components and products for wound care and infection prevention, cleanroom supplies and branded products used in biopharm manufacturing. Learn more about our custom medical applications for the following segments:

Medical Device Packaging

We design and develop protective packaging for sensitive medical devices from endoscopes to implants. We even create all-in-one product and packaging systems, providing all the tools required for the procedure in one sterile, disposable package.

Medical Components

We provide a wide array of solutions, such as fluid management, filtration, sterilization systems, blood oxygenators, dental fluoride trays, mammography pads and many more. Whatever you require, we'll identify the right materials and engineer the optimal medical device component solution.

Orthopedic Implant Packaging

In our ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) and ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom facilities, we create molded foam packaging and TPU film packaging for hip, knee, and other joint implants. We also produce items like bone growth stimulation wraps that protect joints and promote healing.

Orthopedic Soft Goods

At UFP Technologies we strive to design and manufacture cost effective solutions for the orthopedic soft goods industry that meet the needs of our customers and the patients during the recovery process. With our design expertise, access to hundreds of unique medical grade materials and our process capabilities we can create a variety of custom orthopedic positioning devices, such as knee braces and wrist casts.

Wound Care

We create a variety of products to protect wounds after surgery or injury - including hydrophilic solutions to exudate absorption post-surgery and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) products designed to extract fluids safely.

Infection Prevention

We fabricate reticulated foam tips used to apply anti-bacterial disinfectant solutions to surgical field and intravenous start sites to cleanse patient contact areas, as well as an array of other disposable components for systems to prevent infection.

Cleanroom Supplies

Our cleanroom supplies are made from advanced medical grade materials which are compatible with multiple sterilization methods and comply with ISO 10993 standards. Our ability to fabricate, launder and inspect these products within our ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) and ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanrooms make them ideal for sterile environments.


Unlike the examples above, our solutions in this space are our own branded products, including BioShell®, T-Tubes® and Tri-Covers®.

Surgical Robotics

Maintaining a sterile barrier between your robotic surgical device and outside contaminates is of paramount importance.  Thin, plastic drapes are commonly used as a sterile barrier before, during, and after a surgical procedure.  With the complexity of robotic devices, there can be a lot of moving parts that can easily puncture standard drapes - compromising the sterile barrier.

Medical Wearable Devices

Medical wearable devices require an enclosure system to ensure they perform properly. These covers must provide protection for the device, be comfortable for the patient, and be aesthetically pleasing.