Biopharma Product Solutions

UFP Technologies specializes in designing and fabricating innovative solutions for the biopharma industry.

We strive to develop solutions that are cost efficient and environmentally friendly using advanced medical grade foams, plastics and other specialty materials. Our solutions range from single-use (disposable) storage containers and cleanroom pipe insulation, to end caps that block and protect sanitary lines.

Our extensive knowledge of materials and depth of fabrication capabilities allow us to produce a range of solutions that meet the primary needs of our customers in the biopharma industry.

FDA Registered ISO Certified | UFP Technologies

Branded Products:

UFP Technologies has developed a variety of solutions used in the transport, storage, protection, and production of biopharmaceuticals including:

BioShell®- A unique single-use bag protection system that uses suspension technology to absorb impact during storage, handling and shipping.

BioShell, a BioPharmaceutical Packaging Solution

T-Tubes® - An advanced pipe insulation system designed specifically for cleanroom environments that saves space, conserves energy, and is easy to install.

T-Tubes, a BioPharmaceutical Solution

Tri-Covers® - A high purity foam cap used to block and protect sanitary ends, prevent migration, and provide impact cushioning.

Tri-Covers, a BioPharmaceutical Solution


UFP Technologies has access to and has worked with hundreds of materials, which are readily available for fabrication. Many these materials are compatible with multiple sterilization methods and can be processed and laundered in cleanroom and controlled environments. Materials commonly used for biopharma solutions include the following:

Foams – As one of the largest fabricators of foams, we have access to an array of high purity medical grade closed-cell and open-cell foams. Many of these foams are compatible with autoclave, EtO and gamma sterilization methods.

Rigid plastics – We have access to numerous rigid plastics which are light weight, durable and can withstand radiation and chemical sterilization techniques making them ideal for various biopharma solutions.

T-Tubes - Clean Room Insulation - UFP Technologies