Medical Wearable Devices

Enclosures for Medical Wearable Devices

  • Protection - custom molded waterproof foam covers to enclose your electronics
  • Comfort & aesthetics - soft for the patient, sleek design to enhance your brand
  • Anti-static - closed-cell materials and coatings to prevent static buildup

Medical wearable devices require an enclosure system to ensure they perform properly.  These covers must provide protection for the device, be comfortable for the patient, and be aesthetically pleasing.

New materials and components are continually being developed to support this rapidly growing industry.  We've been on the forefront of designing and manufacturing low profile covers and enclosures for wearable medical devices.  Our solutions can be seen in some of the most popular diagnostic patches and monitoring devices in the market today.

As an alternative to silicones, we offer medical-grade closed-cell foams, adhesives, TPU films, and fabrics.  Depending on the size of your device, how long it will be used, and whether or not it's disposable will help us in selecting the best materials to create your custom enclosure system.

Examples of wearable technology that we've created solutions for:

  • Diagnostic patches and biosensors that monitor vital signs
  • Insulin monitoring devices
  • Pain management
  • Bone growth stimulation

UFP Technologies has the materials, engineering team, and manufacturing capabilities to help you make your products better and get them to market faster.

FDA Registered ISO Certified | UFP Technologies

Anti-Static Materials

UFP Technologies has access to a vast amount of advanced medical-grade materials.  For medical wearable devices we utilize:

  • Closed-cell foams - soft, moldable, and approved for skin contact
  • Fabrics - for larger, longer-term devices
  • Adhesives
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films
Clean room fabrication | UFP Technologies


We'll work with you to custom design your medical wearable device cover and select the proper materials.  Our unique mix of design, engineering, and cleanroom manufacturing capabilities enable us to support our wide range of medical device customers.  Our medical fabrication capabilities include:

  • Compression molding
  • Die cutting
  • Lamination
  • RF welding
 ISO 13485:2003