Orthopedic Soft Goods

Orthopedic Soft Goods: Custom Solutions Providing Function and Comfort

Providing function and comfort during the recovery process after an injury is a vital aspect to a patient's physical and mental well-being. Orthopedic soft good providers require unique solutions that are compact and supportive while offering patients comfort and functionality.

At UFP Technologies, we strive to design and manufacture cost effective solutions for the orthopedic soft goods industry that meet the needs of our customers and the patients during the recovery process. With our design expertise, access to hundreds of unique medical grade materials and our process capabilities, we can create a variety of custom orthopedic positioning devices, such as knee braces and wrist casts.

Our extensive experience in the orthopedic soft goods space gives us the ability to design solutions exhibiting anti-migration properties, ensuring your device stays in place during use. Our knowledge and access to an array of medical grade materials allows us to choose the proper combinations to deliver the exact properties you need in a solution, such as antimicrobial properties, breathability, and moisture wicking.

FDA Registered ISO Certified | UFP Technologies


UFP Technologies has designed and fabricated a variety of orthopedic soft goods and bracing solutions including:

  • Knee braces
  • Neck braces
  • Wrist casts
  • Bone stimulators


UFP Technologies has access to a broad range of advanced medical grade materials. These materials are thermoformable, antimicrobial, breathable, and have moisture wicking capabilities. Commonly used materials for orthopedic soft goods include:

Medical foams – UFP Technologies has access to an array of medical grade closed-cell and open-cell foams which are commonly used for orthopedic soft goods and bracing. We offer closed-cell foams which are manufactured with nitrogen to eliminate out-gassing, allowing the packaging to be used in operating rooms and cleanroom environments.

Medical fabric composites – Combining fabrics with medical foams and other specialty materials allow us to produce unique orthopedic soft good solutions that deliver functionality and comfort to patients.


Acting as an extension of your in-house R&D and engineering teams, UFP Technologies collaborates closely to help solve your orthopedic soft good and bracing needs. We have five manufacturing facilities throughout the country that are ISO 13485:2003 certified, containing multiple cleanrooms and controlled environments. Our capabilities include: