Diverse medical solutions with one thing in common: superior engineering

Whatever your application, our engineering team will work with you to provide the smartest, safest, most effective solution. Our extensive design knowledge and experience, combined with our tightly controlled quality systems, allow us to produce a vast range of medical product and packaging solutions.

UFP Technologies is structured to serve you and develop innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements. Acting as an extension of your R&D and engineering teams, we will work with you to design your custom components, packaging or products, select the proper materials and have your solution manufactured and shipped.  

Our engineering department has over 30 years of experience designing hundreds of custom solutions for the medical industry. We have access to a variety of medical materials including foams, plastics, fabrics, films and other specialty materials from top suppliers across the globe with knowledge of their unique properties allowing us to match materials for the appropriate application.

Our team has derived solutions for diverse medical applications such as medical instrument and implant packaging, orthopedic soft goods, wound care solutions, infection prevention, cold chain storage and many other areas involving specific medical device components and packaging requirements.