Medical Grade Foams

Closed and Open Cell Foams For Medical Applications

As one of the leading medical foam fabricators in North America, UFP Technologies has access to an array of closed-cell and open-cell foams suitable for a variety of medical applications. 

UFP Technologies has multiple ISO 13485 certified facilities throughout the country housing clean rooms and controlled environments, equipped with advanced foam fabrication capabilities, including compression molding, CNC routing, die-cutting and more.

Our knowledge of materials, design expertise and manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with customers to design and develop custom innovative solutions for the medical industry.

Closed-Cell Medical Foams

Our closed-cell foams such as polyethylene foams and cross-linked polyethylene foams are commonly used for medical device packaging and component solutions.

UFP Technologies utilizes cross-linked polyethylene foams that are impregnated with nitrogen providing a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, latex-free solution that can come in direct contact with skin and be used in operating rooms. We use these materials in solutions ranging from:

  • Medical device packaging
  • Orthopedic soft goods
  • Medical components

Open-Cell Medical Foams

UFP Technologies offers a range of medical grade open-cell foams such as polyurethane and reticulated polyurethane foams that are frequently used for various medical applications and packaging solutions.

Reticulated polyurethane foams are used extensively in the medical industry as they are easy to clean, impervious to microbial organisms, and can be made with fungicidal and bactericidal additives for added safety. Reticulated polyurethane foams can even be injected with substances to achieve other unique properties. Common uses include:

  • Molded covers for prosthetic devices
  • Specialty sponges
  • EKG pads, filters and sterilization bags

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