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UFP Technologies has extensive experience in creating medical device packaging and components with films. Thermoplastic polyether polyurethane films are used extensively in protecting orthopedic implants, surgical screws and other medical devices.

The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) family of films offer excellent water, fungus and abrasion resistance. TPU films are of a rubber-like elasticity that are flame retardant in a full range of opacity. These materials meet USP Class VI standards for use with medical applications and comply with multiple FDA regulations.

We can combine TPU films with other materials such as foams, fabrics and other specialty materials to form into unique composites. The composites are then fabricated via heat sealing, RF welding and thermoforming to manufacture custom packaging and components.

Made from TPU film, FlexShield® provides puncture and abrasion resistance in order to safely ship orthopedic screws, rods, plates, and other medical instruments.