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Polyurethane Foam - Foam Fabrication

As one of the most versatile foam materials ever created, polyurethane foam is used in hundreds of products to provide comfort, support, protection and safety. Characterized by its light weight, resiliency, low odor and high resistance to mildew, polyurethane foam is used extensively in common consumer goods such as seating, flooring, and bedding products.

For packaging applications, this open-celled foam is typically used to protect lighter weight, delicate objects with high fragility and/or lower drop height maximums. It is also used regularly in medical packaging where abrasion resistance is required

Polyurethane foam provides excellent cushioning at a very reasonable cost and can be easily molded or cut to fit your particular application. It is available in two primary types, polyether and polyester, in a range of densities and colors.

UFP Technologies utilizies polyurethane foam to design and fabricate custom foam packaging and foam product solutions.