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Specialty Foams

There are many foam materials that are manufactured to solve very specific problems. Ranging from conductive foams used for packaging electronic devices to control static, hydrophilic foams to absorb ink in a printer, and breathable foams to provide comfort to a patient after surgery, all of these problems are solved by UFP's experience with specialty foams.

UFP Technologies' access to unique materials allows us to provide you with the perfect material to meet your specific requirements. Below is a sampling of some of the specialty foam materials that we have access to and expertise in fabricating into components, packaging and products.

A grade of foam that prevents or inhibits the build up of static electricity, primarily used for the protection and packaging of sensitive electronic components and products. This offers a lower range of electrical resistance than static dissipative and conductive foams.

A grade of foam that offers the highest level of electrical resistance, and provides excellent EMI shielding. Conductivity refers to the material's ability to drain away charges instantly.

Static Dissipative
A grade of foam in the middle range of electrical resistance greater than anti-static and lower than conductive.

Open cell foams that allow air to pass through at controlled and measurable rates.

A "water loving" grade of foam for applications that require the ability to absorb or retain moisture.

A synthetic rubber product from DuPont of high molecular weight. Its ability to stretch, and resistance to chemicals and oxidation, make it ideal for hoses, adhesives, and many other applications. UFP solutions will often combine Neoprene with a wide array of fabrics.

UFP Technologies has the capability to apply facings to a host of foam materials that we fabricate. A common foam facing would be reinforced aluminum foil that can be applied to most foams to provide a protective, wipe-able, or heat reflective surface.

Lightweight polyimide foam which is inherently fire resistant and emits virtually no smoke or toxic by-products when exposed to open flame. Solimide foams remain flexible over a wide temperature range and have outstanding thermal and acoustical properties. Solimide is widely used in the aerospace, automotive and mass transit industries along with wide ranging industrial applications.

Solimide® is a registered trademark of Evonik Foams, Inc.