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UFP Technologies has the manufacturing capabilities to thermoform and fabricate almost any plastic or material that can be molded. Our unique ability to combine rigid plastics and foams allows us to transform simple thermoformed trays and packages into highly protective cushioned packaging. This unique solution provides both shock and vibration protection throughout the distribution chain, while permitting sterilization for items such as hip implants.

The use of clear, thermoformed plastics creates a protective plastic shell and facilitates item identification and retrieval while engineered compression molded foam retainers enable a single tray or package design to accommodate different products. This reduces tooling costs and the need to inventory multiple-sized packaging components.

UFP Technologies can adapt current packaging to future product designs by using a standardized base tray or package along with modified foam inserts, saving time and money. Additionally, a wide variety of foam colors can add a bold, distinctive look to a package, enhancing brand recognition.

We have access to an array of rigid, rubber and corrugated plastics that we utilize for packaging and component applications.