BioShell® Suspension Pack Drop Test

We will be testing the BioShell Suspension Pack’s ability to prevent biopharmaceutical bags from sustaining damage after a 36” drop.


  • Frozen BioShell Suspenion Pack
  • Frozen Bag Size: 5L

Using a Harris Upright Freezer Model: HLT-32V-8551D39, we will freeze the BioShell Suspension Pack and biopharmaceutical bag to -70°C. A technician will then carefully remove the BioShell from the freezer, hold it 36” above the ground and let go of the BioShell to simulate an accidental drop on a concrete floor. Immediately following the drop, the BioShell will be opened and the bag will be inspected.

The bag’s surface, seams, and ports were visually inspected when frozen and inspected again once thawed. There was no damage to the bag, it was fully intact and did not tear or leak. The BioShell Suspension Pack unit was also inspected and found to be fully intact and safe for reuse.

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