Capability Showcase: Compression Molding

Compression molding is one of the many unique manufacturing capabilities UFP Technologies has employed over the years to create customer-specific solutions.  In general terms, compression molding is a fabrication method that involves heating material, often foam or plastic, in an oven and then pressing it into a cold tool, typically with vacuum assist.  It is conventionally utilized to create contoured shapes, such as padding for a hockey helmet or components used for support in a backpack.   UFP Technologies’ experience in compression molding specialty materials along with our other advanced manufacturing capabilities has provided us the opportunity to create innovative solutions for our customers that ensure superior quality and performance.

Many of these one-of a-kind, compression-molded solutions have required our engineers to come up with new manufacturing processes in order to resolve challenging customer needs.  For example, UFP Technologies has just recently created three-dimensional knee pads for a prominent outdoor clothing and gear company.  Our design and project engineers were able to mold these knee pads flat and then shape them into a three dimensional part via a secondary process.  In doing so, UFP Technologies was able to save this customer thousands of dollars in tooling.  And because of UFP Technologies’ ability to customize its machines, we were able to build dedicated equipment to manufacture this high volume part.  Through this innovative process, UFP Technologies was able to design and manufacture a three dimensional shape that would be particularly difficult to produce using typical fabrication methods.  We provided our customer the unique product they had envisioned at the quantity they required, while successfully reducing their overall production costs.

We pride ourselves on having unique fabrication capabilities, which allow us to give our customers exactly what they are looking for and deserve.  For instance,

  • We have several compression molding lines which lends us a tremendous amount of capacity and affords us the ability to produce different products and components at an impressively high volume.
  •  We have access to more materials than most of our competitors.
  • We have the unique ability to make our own molds as well as create multiple-material combinations.
  • We produce all of our medical parts in a class 100,000 clean room which guarantees the safety, cleanliness, quality, and particulate-free assurance that our medical customers require.
  • Our team of design and project engineers can effectively and efficiently take our customers’ products from inception to production, answering any questions and ensuring continuous communication throughout the entire process.

Over the years, UFP Technologies has found that our advanced compression molding capabilities coupled with our design expertise are among the most important selling points for our customers.  These core competencies allow us to exceed customer expectations in offering solutions that they had only before imagined.  Ultimately, a continually committed focus on making the best and most innovative solutions possible has brought us tremendous success in the compression molding marketplace.