T-Tubes® Cleanroom Insulation For the Semiconductor Industry

T-Tubes Cleanroom InsulationOriginally developed for use within biopharmaceutical clean rooms, T-Tubes have been adopted as a preferred insulation for the semiconductor industry. T-Tubes offers the following benefits for the semicon industry:

  • Process Temperature Integrity: The temperature of gasses and liquids traveling through process lines during the manufacturing of wafers cannot fluctuate as it would produce a defective product.  Process lines wrapped within T-Tubes maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Condensation Prevention:  With a low profile and tight fit around process lines, T-Tubes will prevent the occurrence of condensation between the piping and insulation.
  • Personnel Protection:  Safety within a manufacturing environment in paramount.  Even with a profile of only a quarter inch, T-Tubes are able to significantly reduce the surface temperature of process lines up to 320⁰F/160⁰C to surpass standard OSHA regulations for manufacturing safety.
  • Energy Conservation:  Liquids and gasses flowing through process lines during a manufacturing process can be extremely hot.  Maintaining high temperatures throughout process lines that are not insulated is an expensive task and a waste of energy.  T-Tubes provide insulation to the process lines which will reduce the amount of energy required to maintain desired temperatures.

T-Tubes Cleanroom Insulation by UFP TechnologiesFeatures and benefits of T-Tubes clean room insulation:

  • Save Time: T-Tubes insulation is fast and easy with custom molded fittings and an overlapping self-adhering tape. The closed-cell material allows for cutting and installing in live cleanroom environments.
  • Save Space: With a wall thickness of 1/4″ (6.35 mm), T-Tubes save space and allow for insulation of areas that cannot be covered by existing methods.
  • Cut Costs: You can expect your T-Tubes insulation system to minimize labor time and increase energy efficiency, resulting in reduced labor and energy costs.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Made with high-purity Kynar PVDF resin, T-Tubes are USP Class VI grade.
  • Ensure Safety: T-Tubes have a temperature range of -80°C to 160°C to accommodate both hot and cold lines. They possess excellent moisture, chemical and UV resistance along with low smoke, flame and toxicity properties. T-Tubes scored a 5/5 (smoke/flame) on the ASTM E84 Test for Surface Burning Materials, far surpassing the qualifications of 25/50 required of cleanroom environments.

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