Foam Microphone Cover - Home Studio - Acoustical Treatment Device by UFP Technologies

Case Study: Acoustic Treatment Device for Home Studios

Foam Microphone Cover - Home Studio - Acoustical Treatment Device by UFP Technologies

August 29, 2014 | UFPT

Problem: As recording technology continues to grow and become more affordable and sophisticated, home studios are becoming a more viable option for recording artists.
Case Studies

Reticulated Polyurethane Foam: Quenching vs. Zapping

October 22, 2013 | UFPT

Reticulated polyurethane foam is created by removing cell membranes through one of two methods in the polyurethane manufacturing process. The first method is chemical etching or “quenching.” The second method is called thermal reticulation or “zapping.”

Class 100,000 Clean Room: Foam Fabrication

October 11, 2013 | UFPT

UFP Technologies El Paso, Texas facility provides clean room foam fabrication, packaging and manufacturing solutions for many leading medical, electronic and optical device manufacturers. Various medical grade foams for clean room and critical application use.

UFP Technologies’ Grand Rapids Location Earns ISO 13485:2003 Certification

February 12, 2013 | UFPT

“Receiving the ISO 13485:2003 certification at our Grand Rapids facility is paramount to our commitment to supporting our growing customer base in this industry,“ explains Richard LeSavoy, Vice president of Manufacturing for UFP Technologies.
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UFP Technologies Receives ISO 13485:2003 Certification At Denver, CO Manufacturing Facility

February 5, 2013 | UFPT

“Having the ISO 13485:2003 certification makes it easier for us to do business with our customers,” explains Plant Manager Kristin Wheatley. “Customers know that we have implemented a quality management system, and that works not only to our benefit, but to the customer’s benefit as well.”
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