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Webinar | Medical Packaging Materials: Unique Foams & Films Suitable for Clean Environments

Foam is not typically viewed as a material suitable for use in clean and sterile environments.  A common perception is that when used as a packaging medium foam protects goods where sterility is not an issue, such as consumer and industrial products.  However, there are a host of medical-grade foams and specialty films specifically designed for packaging medical devices that are used in clean environments.

The webinar has been presented, you can view a recording of it here.

Medical Packaging Materials Webinar
  • Different types of medical-grade foams and films
  • Why these materials are suitable for medical device packaging
  • How these materials can be formed and fabricated

If you sign up to attend the free webinar we will mail you a sample kit of the materials that are discussed in the presentation. 

About the Presenter:

Ron Valerio is a Senior Manager for the medical market for UFP Technologies and is a member of the IOPP National Medical Device Packaging Committee.  He has been with UFP Technologies for over twenty years working closely with some of the world’s largest medical device and orthopedic implant manufacturers to create custom packaging solutions utilizing specialty medical-grade materials.